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Creampuff party by Armedius
Funny Twister by AkubakaArts
deimon devil bats by s-u-w-i
Eyeshield 21 by Katsuhiro-Miamura
Devil Bats
Hiruma X Sena Doujinshi cover by LemonPo
DevilBat on the beach by LemonPo
RQ: How i look? by jamesnohana
Deimon devil bats by faQy
Bando Spiders
20. Kotaro by SilentSeraphim
Hayato Akaba_BW by fadiyaMangaMania
Eyeshield 21 - Akaba Hayato by fallenakatsuki
Hakushu Dinosaurs
hakushu dinosaurs by faQy
Gao rikiya by Sorzz
Commission: ES21MarcoXKisaragi by mazjojo
Kyoshin Poseidon
The Poseidon couple by LemonPo
Kakei Shun version female by bluesky296
ES21 Kakei by riyancyy777
Commission: Kakei by shirosu
Shinryuji Naga
Kongo Agon by AkubakaArts
kongo brothers by s-u-w-i
agon by tobiee
ES21: Kongo Agon by Manu-G
Wild Gunmen
card players by s-u-w-i
Kaitani Riku - Eyeshield 21 by AKAI34
Kaitani Riku- Ride for Pride by lilacerise
Kaitani Riku by merqurianx
White Knights
Sketch of Shin Seijuro by LemonPo
knights by s-u-w-i
Seijuro Shin - Eyeshield 21 by TiNoSa
White knight by Cyvein
Other Teams
.: Eyeshield 21 doodles :. by mortinfamiART
Eyeshield 21 Fan Art by GerLpzCvs
Habashira by s-u-w-i
Kiminari Harao by Quatrina
Mixed Teams and Rivalries
Hiruma X Sena Doujinshi cover 03 by LemonPo
21GREMS-ES21 Doujinshi cover by LemonPo
Maid 21 Sena by LemonPo
Cafe 21-ES21 doujinshi cover by LemonPo
ES21 Girls
Koizumi Karin by YumeKioku
Other ES21 Characters
REdraw ES21: Deimon Mothers by Manu-G
New Death Note owner by Yurius06
Eyeshield21 : Hiruma Yoichi YA - HA !! by MischievousBoyAilime
Youichi Hiruma
+Devilish Quarterback+ by Marmarlade


Welcome to ES21-FC!

This group has been severely inactive these past months and I can't apologize enough for that! I had actually went away from DA for quite some time after the stress and hurt I've experienced since the end of last year became too much for me to bare. I still have some things to sort out, but expect this place to be booming in January; I have big plans for us!

- Honey ♥


Upcoming Events:
• February 18th: Eyeshield 21 Awareness Week!

Read the Manga Online (at your own risk)

If you love this series, please support it! Believe me, there’s no better feeling than having the actual manga on your bookshelves. You can buy Volumes of Eyeshield 21 on, or any other site that sells manga, such as Barnes & Noble, rightstuff and other places! It doesn’t matter where you buy it, so long as its yours to own! ♥

This is another group dedicated to the series Eyeshield 21. What makes us different? No romance. Yup, that's right. We just want to celebrate ES21 in it's natural form: where friends are friends, rivals are rivals, and managers are managers. Eyeshield 21 wasn't a series that had focused on romance, so this group won't be focused on it, either.

By the way, I don't hate romance (I run my own ES21 pairing-specific group), but I do believe we could attract more interest in the series by leaving romance out of the equation.

Our group's goal is to revive the ES21 fandom and recruit even more fans of the series! So if you're a fan of ES21, old or new, please join the group! We can't let this fandom die. Though it ended in 2009, Yusuke Murata still draws artwork for it on his twitpic account. Let's follow his example. ;]

Group Rules | F.A.Q

(Please read before submitting into the gallery! If your artwork is denied, you're sure to find the reason below.)

:bulletred: NO ROMANCE
This group is a romance-free zone - even for my favourite pairings. Why? Because there are plenty of other ES21 groups that accept romances: aishi-love, ES21-FanClub, EyeShield-21-Club and, of course, the groups dedicated to specific pairings. Since there is so much focus on romance in other groups, our group's focus will be on what truly makes Eyeshield 21 great: the characters, the friendships and the rivalries.
Note: You can draw your two favourite characters together, but they can't display romantic actions with one another. (E.g: kissing, cuddling, straddling, hand-holding, etc.)

Only artworks created by you, by your own hands, will be accepted into the gallery. This means:
• NO images from the manga - coloured or not.
• NO images from the anime.
• NO traced images.
• And NEVER submit drawings made by another person without having expressed permission (from the artist) first.
We only want fanart created by you, from your own hands. It doesn't matter if your drawings aren't that great - because really, my own aren't that great either. I believe we can all improve, however, through practice, patience and more practice. So please don't submit manga/anime/traced images onto DA: upload your own artwork. Believe me, you'll feel better for it. ♥

Please use mature tags whenever it's appropriate. Failure to do so will prompt immediate removal of your submission from the group.

Sorry, but no... like romance, there are plenty of other groups you can submit those into. Let's give some love to the lesser known characters of the series: like the narcissistic Shun Kanzaki (White Knights), or the adorable Senri Medjikara (Shinryuuji Nagas), or the crafty Jinka Hashi (Bando Spiders). There's plenty of characters to choose from!

Seriously, there's no need for it. The girls of ES21 especially doesn't deserve it, so please, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. Don't bring your hate here.

7 Days of Eyeshield 21

If you haven't seen the Seven Days of Eyeshield 21 over at, please check it out right now! It's very well put together, and offers a lot of fantastic ES21 goodness for our eyes, hearts and minds to enjoy! And not only is it for existing fans of the series, but it was also - mainly - written to introduce others to the series as well. So e-mail the link to all of your friends - even the ones that aren't too keen on sports. If this doesn't get them hooked, nothing will!



Eyeshield 21 on Goodreads - Place for Reviews
If anyone wanted to read reviews of the series, or write a few of their own, this site is worth a visit!

Eyeshield 21 Wiki - Information Directory
For everything Eyeshield 21.

Forever ES21 - Content Blog
ES21 covers, character information, music videos, etc.

Eyeshield 21: MAX Devil Power - Game Walkthrough
A step-by-step guide for the 2006 Nintendo DS game: Eyeshield 21: MAX Devil Power.


From Zero to Hero
An Eyeshield 21 Fanlisting.

Kin Te ("Golden Hands")
A Yusuke Murata Fanlisting.

Eyeshield 21 Groups

:icones21-fanclub: :iconeyeshield-21-club: :iconyouichi-fans: :iconseibu-wild-gunmen-fc:

More Groups



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ToxicPinku Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Hey I have a doubt!
first of all , Im really sorry for my horrible english
but i wanted to know if anyone here knows how is the school uniform from the seibu wild gunmans
I really need to know , so please , if some of you know or have a reference i would really apreciate if you could share it with me
Thank you!
Honey-Bee89 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! If you're looking for references for ES21, Forever-ES21 is the best place to go. It's got everything tagged so we can find things with ease. :nod:

Here's the Seibu tag: [link] It's got a few good picks of their uniforms. Hope it helps. =)
ToxicPinku Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
thank you so much! this is going to help me a lot ♥
but the uniform i need is the one from the institute/academy (?)
the normal one if you want to call it like that uvu
thanks again! this is a going to help a lot <3
Honey-Bee89 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Their school uniform? D8 Oh dear... I have images of school uniforms from other schools, even the practically unknown Noroi High, but none of Seibu. =(

I'll have a look through the manga for you, though, and see if I can find something.
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Lurxneat Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013   Digital Artist
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